Cycling 4 All Student Case Study


Oliver-BrimacombeTestimony (Oliver Brimacombe – Disabled Student, University of Bradford)

My name is Oliver Brimacombe and I am a student at the University of Bradford, about to enter my final year of study in September 2015.

Getting involved with the Cycling 4 All scheme has enabled me to have a much better student experience, both from a sporting and social perspective. Prior to attending university I was not active and participated in no sport and I had very limited social activity. Becoming involved with Cycling 4 All, allowed me to meet people I would not have been able to otherwise, which has led to me been active both sportingly and socially. This is also led to me becoming further involved with the Students Union, building the confidence to run in two elections, enabling me to be elected the Disabled Students Officer for the Student’s Union. All of this started by getting involved with Cycling 4 All.

I also believe that becoming involved with Cycling 4 All has helped me to improve academically as the Student’s Union has made me aware of the different support systems available. Also if I hadn’t had Cycling 4 All to offer me the correct work/life balance, I think I would have performed sufficiently worse academically.

Oliver Brimacombe

BSc Computer Science (2012-2016)